The practice of the Long Stick (gongo), to generate energy and power.

The gongo tarratibu (long stick drill), is a method of jump-starting regenerating power and health restoration. For centuries, traditional practices throughout the African Diaspora such as dance, have been used to produce a current of energy which circulates within the human body. Referred to as “Ngolo” by Fu Kiau Bunseki, a sufficient amount of ngolo is required to ensure proper functioning of the body-mind.

According to kongo tradition, health is a matter of motion and body energy. Therefore, an abnormal (diminished) flow of energy is treatable through the practice of motions which bring balance (kinenga) thereby stimulating “self-healing” power.

In this context, the art of the long stick is a form of therapy that can be applied as a mindful practice that coordinates body and mind. To be “mu-kinenga” (in balance) with self, community,environment and universe, is to re-establish the bio-genetic rope which links the family and community.

Part 2 soon to come.

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