Revisiting Dikitisa Ngolo

Peace to all…it has been a while since the last post. Needed to take some time to rest, heal and contemplate. The past twelve months have brought major changes to this life that the relative I is living. Waking up crippled, major surgery, six weeks of hospitalization and nursing home. Then home nursing and therapy.Continue reading “Revisiting Dikitisa Ngolo”

Entering the energy body part 4.

The Kongo Kosmogram (proper spelling), is a map for energy movement and mind awakening, for MIND IS THE BATTLEFIELD and ULIMWENGU is the method for preparation for the battle. What battle you ask? THE WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL…INTELLIGENCE AND IGNORANCE! Preparation, is the transformation from horizontal (animal mind) to vertical (arisen mind). The principleContinue reading “Entering the energy body part 4.”

Entering the energy body part three.

The importance of focused breathing in the practice of Dikitisa Ngolo cannot be over emphasized. Focused intent that guides inhalation and exhalation, will have an invigorating and energizing effect on the body-mind. It is necessary to emphasize the importance of these principles, due to the damage sustained by the muntu (human being) during centuries ofContinue reading “Entering the energy body part three.”

Entering the energy body part 2.

In part one we presented the principles governing the structure of Ulimwengu and the method for entering the posture. In this installment the internal methods will be discussed. In order to attain a proper comprehension of Ulimwengu, an understanding of the principles of kala/zima must be realized. ” The more one intensifies the body-mind, the more one connects withContinue reading “Entering the energy body part 2.”

Entering The Energy Body.

The figure featured above is drawing of a cultural piece of the Sherbo people of Sierra Leone. Called Nomoli, they are believed to represent supernatural powers. Many have been found buried in rice fields as protective spirits of the crops. Some have been found with metal balls within the abdomen. The metal is reputed to be of aContinue reading “Entering The Energy Body.”

The transition of a Titan.

Once again the African centered Martial Art community has experienced the passing of a pioneer and innovator in the cause of self-mastery. Ahati Kilindi Iyi was a visionary and prophetic teacher of African Warrior systems. He traveled across the United States, and journeyed to the African Continent in his quest to study and teach AfricanContinue reading “The transition of a Titan.”