Revisiting Dikitisa Ngolo

Peace to all…it has been a while since the last post. Needed to take some time to rest, heal and contemplate. The past twelve months have brought major changes to this life that the relative I is living. Waking up crippled, major surgery, six weeks of hospitalization and nursing home. Then home nursing and therapy.

Things have gone well and I am up and about, the legs grow stronger and training has been resumed. Through all this time, the World of Human Association has been transformed radically. Increased social violence, governmental dysfunction, compromised leadership, and a total breakdown in social interaction that threatens the flimsy patterns of life that world communities took for granted as reality.

In the midst of all of this engineered chaos, the fortunes and conditions of Melinated people continue to worsen across the earth! Racism as a political policy and international conflict continues to increase like wildfire. The ignorant are not afraid to speak their long held hatred and twisted reasoning. Ritual murders are witnessed internationally as the modern day slave-catchers commit mayhem, and bring devastation to Black families across America. Asians are demonized, as Hispanics are manipulated like pawns on a chess board. Not realizing that they have become the new niggers in America. Soon to be discarded after their shelf life has expired.

The worship of information has increased exponentially, while transformation is seldom realized. The words, consciousness and mindfulness are constantly applied to behavior that increases in mindlessness, as human beings devour each other in the mad rush to recognition.

Having said this, it cannot be denied that melanated people worldwide are under attack and have been so for centuries. The minds of melanated people have been co-opted through religion, politics, pop culture and non melanated cultural interests. We are on the battlefield against the insidious influences of white supremacy, which is an international deviation from human norms. To be clear, this deviation is well a structured religion, practiced by members of all races. In particular, witness the destructive behavior of Black people in the United States, who support the principles and practices of white supremacy We see them in politics, religion, business and sports.


Dikitisa Ngolo is a method of transformation that uses warrior discipline as a vehicle for consciousness. As previously stated on this blog, Ngolo,is an element of the bio-genetic rope inherent in the DNA coming through the African race, lineage and parents. Cultivation of this melanated quality is managed through:

  1. What we see.
  2. What we hear.
  3. What we smell.
  4. What we taste.
  5. What we feel and touch.
  6. What we think.

White supremacy seeks to, and has controlled these elements of the human mind, in a program of mental control. What is seen , is a constant barrage of images that impact the subconscious of Black people. What is heard are the messages that infer inferiority of Black people. And, so it is with the entire spectrum of elements. A functioning mindfulness is aware of this in all of its’ subtleties…! It must be understood and cognicised at the moment of experience. This is the Warrior Way. Defense of the body-mind is the first consideration in the process of transformation.

Secondly, vitality(ngolo) is transformed into spirit(moyo), which is transformed into consciousness or spirit-mind(ntu). Lacking this process, the recitation of information is only a primer for transformation. Daily practice is required to attain transformation and awakening. It cannot be attained by way of desire and declaration.

Thirdly, the refining and cultivation of energy as outlined in prior postings of this blog, is necessary so that the physical motions are not “empty”. Empty means lacking intrinsic force. While young, one can compensate with muscular force, but this will decline with age or illness, and power will not be channeled through the physical motions. Then one will be overcome by a superior muscular force. Many believe that the exotic waving of arms constitutes internal martial arts. This is a falsehood. Ngolo is an internal force that is felt throughout the body and guided by the consciousness. So transformation of body-mind is the benchmark of warriorship, and is the result of lifestyle not event.

The fourth point to be made in this posting, is an emphasis upon the importance of being aware of awareness itself. This is mindfullness (mind-filled), a state of being, neutralized by way of the institutionalized distractions provided by society. A mind immersed in distractions is a mind dissolving in images and chatter, used to dumb down the unaware. Beware of the chatter Gurus!!!

To be continued…

Credit to MEME for use of the Image.

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