Entering the energy body part 4.

larger kosmogram
Kongo Kosmogram (Tendwa Nza Kongo)

The Kongo Kosmogram (proper spelling), is a map for energy movement and mind awakening, for MIND IS THE BATTLEFIELD and ULIMWENGU is the method for preparation for the battle. What battle you ask? THE WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL…INTELLIGENCE AND IGNORANCE! Preparation, is the transformation from horizontal (animal mind) to vertical (arisen mind). The principle here is that in the horizontal state, the energy dynamic between heaven and earth is not established. It requires a posture (state of being) in vertical positioning that facilitates the flow of primal energy (Moyo) arising from earth to heaven, stimulating the circulation of Ngolo within the body-mind.

Standing in the Ulimwengu posture, visualize the Kosmogram internally. The Black sphere (Kala) sits at the base of the spine. Focus the consciousness at this point while engaging the breath to aid the energy to rise to the next sphere at the crown point of the skull. Known as (Tukula), the red sphere represents the intensifying of the energy process, while Kala symbolizes the seminal thrust up the spine.

The next point of focused consciousness is called (Luvemba) symbolizing the descending flow of energy that accumulates in the abdomen. The energy at this point will stimulate the healing process by energizing the abdominal organs that provide nourishment to the entire body.

The energy now, further descends to the point known as (Musoni) the sphere of gold. At the Musoni point, the energy cycle completes its’ orbit of refinement. When standing in Musoni, the practitioner attains a position of complete balance and alignment, becoming the link between Heaven and Earth. Known as the Four Moments Of The Sun, this refined practice facilitates the movement of Ngolo in the form of light through the four cardinal points mentioned previously. Similar in many ways to the microcosmic orbit of Chinese energy work, this practice will yield great benefit when practiced consistently.

When beginning the practice, be sure to begin at the Kala point at the base of the spine. If one attempts to begin in Musoni it will be difficult to move the energy to Kala due to the downward pull of genital energy. The downward pull will stimulate urges that impede the upward flow of energy. The Kala point is known as Ming Men (gate of life) in Chinese energy systems, and is the more suitable “trigger point”. After the first full cycle of moving the light of Ngolo through Kala to Musoni, the energy will spontaneously rise to Kala as guided by intention combined with breathing.

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