Entering the energy body part 2.

ulimwengu for blog 2

In part one we presented the principles governing the structure of Ulimwengu and the method for entering the posture. In this installment the internal methods will be discussed. In order to attain a proper comprehension of Ulimwengu, an understanding of the principles of kala/zima must be realized.

” The more one intensifies the body-mind, the more one connects with the energy in and around the body-mind, and from there the universe itself”…an internal teaching.

Intensifying the body-mind refers to employing methods that increase Ngolo (vitality) within the body-mind. Where there is body and mind, there is disunity, disharmony. Kala/zima (complimentary opposites) speaks to the principle of unified being; an ancient African principle that preceded the yin/yang principle by thousands of years. First instituted in Central Africa and East African cultures, the doctrine of opposites was practiced as a vital element in cultures along the Nile River, reaching a high point of practice in Kemit.

It is through the unifying practice of holding posture that kala/zima is attained, leading to Kinenga (balance, body-mind). A state in which body and mind are not in conflict. The root conflict within the sleeping Muntu (human being), is the root source of conflict in the world of human association, giving rise to national and international conflict.

So, entering the energy body refers to methods of attaining body-mind, unique to the African culture before the advent of foreign encroachment. Without a doubt, the Africa that we see today has been depleted and reduced to near rubble by foreign manipulation, that has corrupted the minds of the people and the leadership with few exceptions… ” Remember the Kongo saying, it hurts to lose certain traditions. The more a society moves away from it’s traditions, the more it’s people and system become physically, ethically, economically, politically, militarily, and spiritually weak and disoriented. To lose one’s cultural traditional values is not only to terrorize oneself, but to ridicule oneself in the eyes of the world”…Fu Kiau Bunseki, Self Healing Power And Therapy Old Teachings From Africa.

So to echo remarks from part one, the ultimate purpose of Ulimwengu (posture holding), is the liberation and refinement of consciousness, not overlooking it’s obviously physical overtones. Liberation refers to freeing the mind from seeing Africa as a repository of negativity and regressive living. Freeing oneself from mental  captivity and it’s physical consequences gives rise to self-healing power (Funda dia  Ngolo). “In any action performed by the body, there is a current of energy invading the entire body because the human body is a generator of power in the form of images”…Fu Kiau Bunseke.

The current of energy spoken of by Baba Fu Kiau, is Ngolo  flowing throughout the body. The guidance has been codified as Moyo (spiritual energy or chi) surrounding the body, and Ngolo (vital force or jing) operating within the body. The operating of the two forces coming together provides the feeling of physical power…”the merging of internal vital energy, with the universal primordial force in the atmosphere”.

Guidelines for entering the energy-body:

  1. The energy-body, also known as the etheric or vital-body, transforms human intention into force.
  2. The energy-body, is the first layer of the energy complex that facilitates human body-mind transformation.
  3. The energy-body, is in immediate contact with the human body.
  4. The energy-body, connects with higher energy-fields through intention.
  5. The energy-body, is the invisible double of the human body.
  6. Motion, breath and focused intention trigger the flow of Ngolo !

Moving internal practices beyond superstition and confusion!

Part three soon to post.




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