The three modes of the warrior.

These teaching were first presented by the Mahasayaji Dr. U Maung Gyi. They have been “adjusted” by Sayaji Maasi for the purposes of this blog.


The most common image the average person has of martial arts is of someone aggressively punching and kicking an adversary into submission. In such applications of martial arts techniques, methods of open hand striking, clawing, kicking and elbowing are used to cause breaking of bones, cutting of skin, bruising of organs and a loss of consciousness, or possibly death to one or more opponents. The practitioner of this form of defense/offense is often motivated by anger and aggression. Conversely, many of the higher internal systems will employ methods which cause temporary pain and injury avoiding permanent injury or death.


The healing principle addresses the issue of cultivating the healthy growth of the body-mind. The objective is to reduce the probability of disorders and disruptions to the positive flow of energy (ngolo) within the body-mind construct. Ancient African and Asian healers knew that disease(s) begin with thoughts and activities that disrupt equilibrium and cause disharmony in the psychological and physiological processes. They taught that body and mind are one, and any disorder affecting one, can and will impact the other.


Harmonizing refers to practices, which lead to spiritual enlightenment and the realization of oneness with the universe. Life is an opportunity to realize divinity within, and to experience the power of human awakening.

Meditation is used as a method of self discipline, by developing concentration on the inflow and outflow of breath, and the mindfulness of thoughts and behaviors.

In summation:

  • Hurting refers to the pain, confusion and misery experienced through the thoughts, words and actions of human beings.
  • Healing symbolizes practices of internal martial methods that transform energy.
  • Harmonizing addresses the blossoming of human consciousness, the legacy of the human family.

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