The gongo as a meditative device.

Though no longer considered to be a major tool in modern combat systems, the long stick continues to be an effective device in meditative and ritual practices.

Gongo practice is a major method of meditation in the School Of Heaven And Earth. Known as ” Dancing Between Two Worlds”…Fu Kiau Bunseki, the movements symbolize the constant flow of creation-preservation-destruction which governs the worlds of self-human association-universe. Seeking a balance (kinenga) between Kala and Luvemba (yin/yang), the practitioner maintains the didi (center of vitality) while executing defensive and counter-offensive motions. According to Kongo tradition, the didi is the seat (altar) of bio-genetic energy inherited from parents. This bio-genetic energy determines the health of the body-mind. In the embryo, this energy provides the basis for the formation of veins and nerves which conduct electrical impulses and nourishment to the body-mind, providing strength and power for healthy living.

It is a proven fact in holistic circles, that the more one intensifies the the body-mind, the more one connects it the space around the body and the Universe itself.

Meditation and the Energy-Body:

  1. The energy body also known as the etheric or vital body transforms focused mind into force.
  2. The energy body surrounds the physical body and is the first in a series of layers of the energy field.
  3. The energy body is the invisible double of the human body.
  4. The energy body also known as Chi or Pranic body in the Chinese and Indian systems, is the Moyo (spirit body) in Afrikan energy work.
  5. The Moyo-body links the Muntu (human) to the external force field, while the Ngolo (bio-genetic force) is an internal phenomenon inherited from one’s parents (lineage).
  6. Linking the Moyo and Ngolo provides access to Universal forces.

Disease enters the human body through the energy body. Internal practices influence the Ngolo therefore offsetting diseases:

  1. Meditation frees the mind of conflicting thoughts (mind chatter, incessant debating, arguing, etc.
  2. Meditation integrates Moyo and Ngolo…moyo flowing around the body, ngolo flowing within the body.
  3. Moving in moyo ( swimming in the energy field) energizes the body-mind.
  4. Sooth the central nervous system via the Vagus Nerve and Chakras.

Soon to come…Ulimwengu, the posture of Universal Balance.

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