The imprint part 2

Nourish the body with calmness

Nourish the heart with giving to others

If you keep negativity in your mind, calamities are sure to come

If you keep your mind open and receptive, it can absorb knowledge very quickly

Know that everything is in constant motion and change, nothing is static

Be thorough in your actions, keep the mind free of obstructions

With an uncluttered mind, one can attain clarity in actions

When the mind abandons its pristine clarity, it becomes like a monkey jumping from here to there

It is possible to become a thief of one’s own mental balance

These guiding principles will help as reference points during practice of monitoring the thoughts and actions during daily activities. There is a popular yet false belief that meditation only takes place during sessions of sitting in yoga postures.

Though beneficial, relaxation is the most that can be realized from such practices. If one is seeking to de-stress, lower blood pressure, etc., such methods as counting breaths while looking at relaxing scenery and listening to soothing music will provide relief from the tensions of daily responsibilities. However, transforming the mind (the root of life’s problems), requires much more.

Sitting comfortably is preparation for entering the concentration phase, which is misunderstood as meditation by many. After living in the midst of distractions for many years, it is not possible to enter the mindful state in six easy on an app. Such methods only provide temporary relief, for as soon as one returns to “normal life”, the state of unawareness returns.

Unless the nature of one’s mind is realized and the “imprint” removed, the subconscious distractions will continue to dictate thoughts and actions. The mind referred to has no material substance, no shape, nor color, nor gender, no nationality nor geographical location. It is a subtle energy that reflects phenomenal experience.

Living for centuries under political, economic, and religious dominance, and the residual effects of social construct designed to perpetuate disunity, an imprint has been vibrating in the subconscious of Black people World-Wide.

We have spent centuries in conflict with each other through numerous platforms:

  1. National
  2. Tribal
  3. Political
  4. Gender
  5. Intellectual
  6. Religious

Our ongoing struggle with each other has been a distraction that has perpetuated our decline in the world of human association. Effective social organization is not possible for those who labor under the self-defeating influences of an imprinted mind!

Watching the thoughts that arise in mind,

Watching the body in action,

Watching when emotion(s) arise in mind,

Watching all types of desires and images that float in mind,

When all of this has been realized, then watch the watcher,

All of this can be practiced as one goes about one’s daily business,

This is the path to freedom!

“An individual’s self healing power makes up the collective healing power of nations in all domains: in politics, economy, education, technology, or development……Kibwandende Fu Kiau Bunseki, Self Healing Power and Therapy Old Teachings From Africa, pg. 28

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